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Preliminary Lien Notices
Construction Liens & Collections
Cal D. G. is a provider of materials and services for commercial and government improvement and construction projects.
We are not a construction or improvement contractor, all labor and equipment services are provided at hourly rates.

For orders not paid for in full ahead of time with a check or cash may require the very basic paperwork for Preliminary Lien Notice.
A Conditional Release Upon Payment is available.
Once payment has cleared an Unconditional Release will be mailed out.

Credit Approval

We are often able to facilitate small to very large lines of credit for materials and hauling for multi-family, commercial and municipal projects. Each request is reviewed based upon the applicant and the job details and not having any or a great credit history may not prevent you from getting the materials you need to complete the work.
Our standard payment terms for materials and transport are prepayment or COD.
Joint check and Net 15 and 30 day terms are available for commercial or government construction projects on approved credit.

Late Payments & Refused Payments
Please take notice that our policy on monies owed is 21% annual rate plus a $35.00 a month account management fee